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  • Rod Davies
    Jun 21, 1999
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      I feel Clip libraries are best seen as "samples" or "examples". They are
      offered to the Note Tab community as a way for sharing what has proved
      useful to an individual, (and free of charge too!). Therefore the
      inconsistency.. but when you think about it, consistency is not what clips
      are about really... and the USP of Note Tab is that you can customise it to
      work the way you want, for a trade off in learning curves....

      The key is to put all the clips you feel are useful for you in your own
      personal library(ies), edit them if necessary, and away you go... My tip is
      to choose an existing library which is close to what you want, review and
      edit if necessary each clip, and then copy clips you like from other
      libraries into it, again editing as you go, It could take as little as 30
      minutes to an afternoon.... It takes a small investment of time for a
      highly personal and customised solution.

      I am forever grateful to those who upload their clip libraries as I didn't
      have to start from scratch. But it would be almost impossible for someone's
      customised solution to match exactly another person's needs.

      Changing all tags in a clip library to upper or lower case is a 2 minute
      job, I am sure, once you know...

      And I'm pretty sure there is a menu item or clip which does it
      automatically. ..Though I'm not sure where it is (:-)!

      But I guess my main point is that Clips are not part of NT per se but like
      add-ons or "macro's" which extend functionality and customization.

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      Subject: [NH] To capitalise or not to...

      > Hello Everyone
      > - and thanks very much to Jody for setting up this group.
      > One thing that bothers me (only a little) is how inconsistent the Note Tab
      Libraries are. Sometimes the HTML tags are capitals, sometimes not, numbers
      or values may be in quotes, or not. What is the wisdom on this? Does it
      really matter if we capitalise or leave out the quote marks (") in HTML? And
      probably not a viable thought: Is there a case for asking Notetabbers as a
      group to decide on a format?
      > Best wishes
      > Chris
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