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358[NH] Re: CSS, XHTML, XML, etc.

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  • Colby Glass
    Feb 27, 2000
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      lmhamilto-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/ntb-html/?start=291
      >I want an easy way to replace all the
      > symbols in 100 plus documents (small by some standards, but still too
      > much for manual editing). I can look for the other information around
      > and do a replace of the information around it, but that makes for more
      > effort? Any one else have that problem?

      Hi, Larry. I had the same problem. I am webmaster of a huge indexing
      site--over 600 pages of html. I periodically need to change something.
      I find that the best utility is "Search and Replace 98". It is freeware
      and you can find it at Tucows. Good luck... colby
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