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  • Jody
    Jan 5, 2003
      Hi Andrea,

      >I was wondering if NoteTab is something I have to download as
      >well to be able to convert the thumbnails for my web site. I do
      >alittle HTML. I am learning as I am going along to making my web

      NoteTab does not edit images at all. NoteTab is a text and HTML
      editor. You can use any text editor to write HTML code. However,
      I suggest you use NoteTab. :-) There are a freeware and shareware
      versions. (www.notetab.com). The Pro version is best for HTML,
      but the free Light version works fine; it just doesn't have the
      bells and whistles (recommended;) that NoteTab Pro has. I'm not
      sure what all still works below, but some of it will help you
      with NoteTab and HTML.

      Basic HTML, a short guide on how to use NoteTab to create a web page:

      Joe Batra's Pagetutor, a great tutorial for getting started and beyond:
      You can get NoteTab Light and a Trial version of our NoteTab Pro here:

      At Jim (Jimbow) Hall's site
      A handy little HTML Tutorial: http://jimbow.com/

      Working with Outlines and HTML
      Open a text document or Outline and try this:
      Click on Help | NoteTab's Glossary
      Click on Modify | Document to HTML | No Character Conversion.
      Click on View in Browser. ;)

      Some of the Clips in my Outline Library below may have some
      problems with "difficult" Outlines with some of the more advanced
      [links], but for everyday run of the mill Outlines they work OK.

      In Help, please read the following:
      Create Web Pages
      Clip Basics
      Clip Language - Introduction
      Clip Language - HTML Processing
      Clip Language - Clip Wizard and Fields

      My affiliates pages if you decide to order Pro or Std. Please
      consider the loaded CD-Rom:

      See the Comparison Chart in Help before you order if you decide to.

      >> > I just recently signed up and new here. I also recently
      >> > downloaded the Easy Thumbnails program and I was wondering if
      >> > there was a way I can put the thumbnails into a website.
      >> You need to know HTML to do what you want via NoteTab which I
      >> gather is to make a website with thumbnails to click on to open
      >> the larger picture. The code to do something like that would
      >> be similar to the following. You can drag/drop images from
      >> NoteTab's Quick List in the Disk Files view (press F6 and then
      >> right click over the larger portion of the window that pops up
      >> choosing Disk Files) to aid you with it. Use the image file
      >> type you use such as *.jpg in the combobox at the top of the
      >> Quick List so that that file type will be seen when you browser
      >> to the folder. (Read Help about the Quick List for more details
      >> on that.)
      >> <a href="kim-alexus-after.html"><img src="../images/doreen-alexus-
      >newborn.jpg" width="457" height="599" border="0" alt="Click to
      >display next picture"></a>
      >> If you don't want to go through all that, you might want to try
      >> out our Album Express, it's shareware.
      >> <http://www.fookes.com/products.htm>http://www.fookes.com/products.htm

      www.notetab.net, www.clean-funnies.com

      Happy HTML'n and Tab'n!

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