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3440Re: web site issue

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  • John Zeman
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Joe, why don't you post a link here to where the site is? If we could see it and dissect the code, we might be able to help you better..


      --- In ntb-html@y..., "JSB" <res174nv@v...> wrote:
      > Group,
      > In ws_ftp on the local server I can see my web site with images excellently
      > since it is in my notetab directory.
      > However, on the remote side I can see everything but the images. On the
      > remote side I am in my home dir. This is baffling to me since I have used
      > notetab along with ws_ftp up until now I have'nt had this kind of problem.
      > I know the difference between the absolute and relative links. I just can
      > see the images<g>.
      > After playing with this for an undetermined time maybe I can't see the
      > forest for the trees<grin>.
      > Am I breaking the link when I copy the page to the web site and if I am how
      > come I'm not realizing that's happening?
      > When I look at the source code everything looks like it should! I just don't
      > see where things are messing up -- arg! <grin>.
      > What to do .......
      > Joe
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