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  • Jim Hall
    Nov 9, 2002
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      At 06:41 PM 11/9/2002 -0800, you wrote:
      >Jason, Jim
      >You may need to know that I am using ws_ftp pro and I understand that that is to work compatibly with notetab.
      >So far everything that you all have been suggesting I have been double-checking and it all seems in order.
      >What gives --- hmmm<g>

      This may sound stupid but sometimes these little problems turn out to be just that.

      I use ws_ftp pro to upload to my site and NTP to edit my documents but I don't understand what you mean by the compatibility with NTP unless you are doing an F8 in NTP and expecting to see your web site page pop up in the browser complete with images.

      This (F8 - view in browser) will just show you the file open in NTP in your browser, sans images unless you also have an images dir in the same dir that you have the document you are editing on your computer.

      To view the site results, after you upload with ws_ftp pro, you have to open an instance of the Browser to your web page url.

      It can sometimes get a little confusing as to which document you are actually viewing in the browser but a quick check of the address in the browser will set you straight.

      There are some web site file managers that will let you seemingly edit your web pages right on the server but in reality, they just do the up/downloads for you transparently but that is not the case with ws_ftp pro and NTP.

      Just a wild shot in the dark.

      BTW, what is the URL for the site?

      I'll have a look and see what I see for you.

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