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3292Re: [NH] RE: html in browser

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  • Jim Hall
    Nov 9, 2002

      At 05:41 PM 11/9/2002 -0800, you wrote:
      >Here is a copy of the html that I used.
      ><IMG SRC="images/redbullet.gif" HSPACE=3 WIDTH=16 HEIGHT=16
      >What is there about this line that will not work in the browser?

      You are about to get out of my HTML league (come on Lotta <g>) but the below is copied from one of my index.html files that works fine.

      The only difference I can see is the lack of quotes on the position and size dimensions.

      You might give that a try.

      If they aren't the problem then it may have something to do with your site??????

      BTW, what browser are you using?

      <A href="http://www.notetab.com">
      <IMG src="images/ntpvga.gif" width="88" height="32" border="0" alt="NotePad Homepage"></A></Center>


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