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3289Re: [NH] RE: html in browser

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  • Neil Felton
    Nov 9, 2002
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      Joe, if your htm file is in the same directory as the image you do not need to
      specify the path for the image, eg, (img src="image.gif" width="" height=""
      alt=""). If the image is in another directory you must give the path to that
      directory relative to the directory where your html file is, eg, (img
      src="images/image.gif............"). I'm using () where it would be <> for
      genuine tags. This is for the case of image in directory "images" off the
      directory where your html file is.
      If you want to go up a level of directories from where your html file is you
      need to show the path (img src="../images/image.gif). Two dots before the slash.
      That would be if the image is in a directory "images" off the directory above
      where the html page is.
      Hope that helps

      JSB wrote:

      > Jim and hrs,
      > A note of clarity.
      > In my editor when I wrote the html I did so in such a way as to specify that
      > an image was indeed in the <dir>images and named the particular gif image.
      > Now whether I have the html page in the parent <dir> or in the image <dir>
      > when I execute a browser integration I see the web site but no images,
      > I seem to have a miscue but I can't see the forest for the trees!
      > Anything come to your minds?
      > Kind regards,
      > Joe
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