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3186HTML Tidy Config File

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  • Greg Chapman
    Oct 4, 2002
      Hi Gang!

      I've been using Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy (4 Aug 2000 - I use this version
      because it did all I wanted it to do, and is smaller than some of the more
      recent releases in its open source form) for some time, without problem.
      Now I need to include some non-standard tags in some of my files.

      I've created the necessary "Tidy.cfg" file and placed it in my NoteTab
      folder with the required command in it (new-inline-tags: noindex). However,
      with that single command, NoteTab forgets all its default settings for HTML

      So I have two questions:

      1. What are the default commands NoteTab uses, which I now realise I must
      have in my Tidy.cfg file in order to restore its normal behaviour (other
      than for the extra command I want to use).

      2. What do I have to do to get NoteTab to use Tidy.cfg if I want to place it
      in my HTMLTidy folder, rather than the NoteTab folder.

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