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  • Ron Woodall
    Oct 1 11:08 AM
      Hi All:

      Sorry for this intrusion but I'm getting despirate.

      I need to figure out how to stop a script once it has started.

      ======== start of script ==========
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
      var loadplayer = true;
      var increment = 0;

      function initialize()
      { COUNT=window.setTimeout("counter();", 10000);}

      function counter() {
      var cycle = top.masthead.ads;
      if (cycle == false) {alert("ads are blocked");

      //this is the point where I need to stop it. Note the "return". This isn't
      doing what I expected. I'm looking for something like Perl's "die".

      if (increment == 2 ) {banner(); popunder();}
      if (increment == 5 ) {invue(); popover();}
      if (increment == 6 ) {banner();}
      if (increment == 10 ) {invue();}
      COUNT=window.setTimeout("counter();", 10000);

      function banner() {top.masthead.location.reload(true);}

      function popunder() {window.status="this is popunder start";}

      function invue() {
      if (increment == 10) {increment = 0;}
      window.status="this is invue start";}

      function popover() {window.status="this is popover start";}

      function end() {window.status="end of script";return;}
      // -->
      <frameset rows="94,*" border="0" onload="initialize();">
      <frame src="0mh-fy.htm" name="masthead" border="0">
      <frame src="0bottom.htm" name="bottom" border="0">
      ============ end of script =============

      Thanks for the help.


      Ron Woodall

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