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3139Re: [NH] viewing source code

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  • Mike
    Sep 19, 2002
      Thank You, Loro and Jay!

      Shift+F10 (no right or left click needed) did the trick, bringing up a menu
      which is similar to, but somewhat different than the regular right-click

      The Shift+F10 menu has View Source as an option, but my regular right-click
      menu does not. I'm using IE 6.0.26 on Win 98.

      I will email the webmaster of the one remaining where site I can not view
      source and see if he is using scripts to block the source code. He has
      answered questions from me before.

      Mike Hopkins

      ----- Original Message ----- >
      > What I want to do is *look at the code* for pop-ups. Right clicking,
      > >A, etc won't work because the pop-up without a toolbar or menubar has no
      > programmatic control to access via these shortcuts.
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