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3109TIF-file location to clipboard (how-to?)

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  • Alec Burgess
    Aug 30, 2002
      Hi NoteTabbers:

      I've got Notetab set up as one of the editors that I can invoke from the IE Editors dropdown. If I do that and then select "Copy Name" from the Tab context menu the file location is put in the clipboard so it can be pasted somewhere else.

      Question: If I'm in IE (or even more likely, if it happens to be a different answer, in MyIE), how can I most easily get that <path-file spec> into the clipboard without having to go through the intermediate step of opening Notetab?

      Reason: I want to be able to paste the file name in standard open-save dialogue of (forinstance) Dreamweaver and open it there.

      Also: I knew this at one time, but I've lost my notes - is there a .REG file or a clip which loads Notetab as an available editor for IE, which I can rip-off to use to make other editors available in that dropdown (ie. the programs exposed in IE-Tools-Internet Options-Programs-HTML editors)

      I tried to add Dreamweaver "by hand" last night and I obviously screwed something up because in the equivalent "MyIE editors" dropdown it shows, but when clicked, opens Windows Explorer at "C:" whereas in native IE6 it doesn't even show.

      I'm guessing this is because I got close, but IE6 has better error checking than MyIE so it just suppresses the entry with what ever error I managed to introduce (maybe a misplaced quote mark).

      Rather than hack about in Regedit and perhaps do some REAL damage, I thought I'd try asking here ;-)

      Regards ... Alec

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