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303[NH] Re: CSS, XHTML, XML, etc.

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  • Lloyd
    Feb 12, 2000
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      Hi Larry,

      >I tried ^!Find © and ^!Find ALT+0169, I also tried the same, but with ""
      >around the search string, both returned serach string not found in
      >document, and I manually placed the cursor at 1:1. I also checked help
      >and verified my recollection that there is no preset variable for the
      >copyright symbol. Is there some trick to finding it that I am

      I don't remember what you are running but if it is a pc with windows,
      change your keyboard to United States - International in the Control Panel
      and when you hit the right ALT and c at the same time, you get ©. The ALT+C
      gives you ¢.

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