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3016Re: Non-breaking hyphen [NH]

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  • Alec Burgess
    Aug 13, 2002

      > Suppose you were referring to someone named Nielsen-Stokeby. You
      would not want
      > the name split at the hyphen. But there might be other places within
      the same data
      > element, where a line break should be allowed. That renders nowrap
      > I suppose this could be solved by entering xxxx
      <.nobr>Nielsen-Stokeby</nobr> xxxx .
      > (The period in <.nobr> is there only to prevent some mail systems from
      > it as a HTML-Tag. It should be "thought-away" !)
      > But it seems peculiar indeed, that there should be no non-breaking
      hyphen as a companion
      > to the non-breaking space.

      Not speaking about HTML here, but just about how books and newspapers
      are "normally" printed - aren't there really two kinds of hyphens, ones
      that are always there even if the word/phrase does NOT require breaking
      (your example: Nielsen-Stokeby) and hyphens that MAY be inserted as part
      of the right justification process (eg. syl·la·ble)

      My point: either of these can be legitimately broken, so why would a
      non-breaking hyphen be "necessary"?

      Regards ... Alec
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