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2968Re: [NH] Table Align Using a Style Sheet (CSS)

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  • loro
    Jul 30, 2002
      Hi Jody,

      >I'm trying to align a table using a style sheet. I can use the
      >align="right" in the <table> tag itself, but do not know the
      >correct syntax for CSS if there is support for it. TIA
      > {
      > align: right;
      > }

      You can't just translate HTML into CSS. It's more complex than that
      especially when it comes to positioning. What's most functionally alike is:

      table { float: right; width: 400px } /* floats must have a width */

      But it may not be what you want. It depends on what other stuff you have on
      the page and where, if you use any other positioning, what browsers must
      understand it...

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