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2927Re: [NH] Re: web pages and Netscape

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  • Lloyd
    Jul 22, 2002
      Hi Ian,

      Thank you. I do have Word but I guess Office 97 is just too old for it. I
      downloaded it and it is very clean looking.

      Thank you again.

      >On Sat, 20 Jul 2002 17:00:32 -0500, Lloyd <lloyd2@...>
      > >You keep talking about Georgia font. As I have never seen it, where can I
      > >find a copy?
      >It's a True Type font. It comes with things like Microsoft Word. I
      >suppose you could find it on the web if you Googled for "true type
      >font georgia". You'd be able to download it. But chances are, if you
      >use Windows, or at least a Microsoft product, you already have it.
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