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2926Re: [NH] web pages and Netscape

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  • stephen riddle
    Jul 21, 2002
      Hi All,
      I had something very witty to say, can't remember what it was, but yes, the
      AOL users are among the most problematic. AOL still does some rather odd
      things to web pages. Last I heard, AOL/Macintosh users had the most problems,
      but anyone with a computer more than a year or two old using AOL, may be
      having a browser that just barely does JavaScript and probably not CSS.
      To check AOL out, go to aol.com and click webmaster info. You can browse to
      a table which lists the AOL browsers currently in use. The range from IE3 to
      IE5.5. I had heard that they used Netscape, but it does not look like it
      (even though they own Netscape.) However, only 20% of their users have the
      latest browser (IE6.6). 25% use IE5.0.
      AOL also uses a proxy cache to control and manage their users internet use.
      (Yes, they "guide" thier users, but you'll notice that hardly ever does spam
      come from an AOL user.) This can do wierd things with graphics, but in
      general should not cause intrinsic rendering dificulties.
      > Does anyone here code for the AOL browser? Is that just Netscape?
      > Ian
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