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2918Re: [NH] web pages and Netscape

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  • loro
    Jul 20, 2002
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      At 01:55 2002.07.19, stephen riddle wrote:
      >Hover will not work in Netscape four, but then again it's a product from
      >before hover was invented. Hover also does not work on an Etcha-a-Sketch.
      >Think I'll start hating Etcha-a-Sketches!
      >Almost everything works on Netscape 6.
      >Good thing some folks actually try it.
      >Good Luck,

      Hey Stephen, where can I download that Etch-a-Sketch? It sounds like the
      thing I need right now and I promise that I'll at least try it once before
      I tell newbies that it sucks.

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