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2894Re: [NH] web pages and Netscape

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  • hsavage
    Jul 20, 2002
      > Fay wrote:
      > Ian,
      > I've copied yours into a text file and go over it carefully.
      > I'll work on the matter of the two style sheets once I've conquered the
      > earlier steps.

      > (I haven't a clue what a "fungo" is. Is it a mushroom? Would we have
      them in
      > Australia?)
      > Thanks,
      > Fay


      For purposes of enlightenment, which is what these lists are about.



      fun·go Pronunciation Key (fngg) - the key didn't travel well.
      n. Baseball pl. fun·goes

      A fly ball hit for fielding practice by a player who tosses the ball up
      and hits it on its way down with a long, thin, light bat.

      [Origin unknown.]
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