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288[NH] Re: outline to an html4 outline Div thingy

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  • Grant
    Feb 7, 2000
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      > The only thing I would add to it, is saving with an htm or html extension
      > so that when the browser opens it, it shows as your clip formats it.
      > Otherwise, you just see the source code in the browser.

      Silly me. You are right I forgot that not everyone defaults to a *.htm
      extension when opening new documents.However no need to save as htm.

      At the end of the OutlineToHTMLOutline clip

      ^!TOOLBAR View in Browser
      ^!SetNameFormat outline.htm
      so it looks like this
      ^!SetNameFormat outline.htm
      ^!TOOLBAR View in Browser

      Come to think of it you can chuck
      ^!SetNameFormat outline.htm
      anywhere in the clip but I guess it looks tidier at the end before the
      ^!toolbar View in Browser command.
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