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  • Adam Weston
    Jun 8, 2002
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      Before getting into javascript, I recommend getting pretty familiar with
      HTML and CSS. CSS is not a big deal to learn, and its a vital complement to
      HTML. Javascript will make more sense when you already know HTML/CSS. This
      is all just my humble opinion...

      To answer your question, A great place to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript
      (and lots of other things) is:


      Have fun!


      ====== Original Message ======
      I'm a newbie to all this, that is i've put up a website in the passt
      using, (dare i say it) Ms Frontpage. I've tried several html editors
      in the passt and decided to try taking the plunge and write a page or
      two with Notetab. I also want to discover the joys of Javascript and i
      wonder if there are clips out there or a very simple tutorial that can
      help a novise into the world of Javascript.

      /Krister mailto:krister@...

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