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2749Re: [NH] Mozilla 1.0

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  • hsavage
    Jun 8, 2002
      > Larry Hamilton wrote:
      > Lotta,
      > I cannot locate a direct download of the NS 6 setup, only the setup
      > installer. I wanted to be able to save the whole setup without having
      > install it.
      > Larry
      > I'm a little confused, which download can't you locate?
      > Lotta


      I don't know if this will suit you but you should be able to get any
      final 1.0 build of Mozilla before Netscape adds AIM and all their other

      I have tried many dozens of the betas starting with 0.9.4, only Windows
      versions and the final, 1.0, didn't disappoint me.

      This link should get you to a page where you'll find the version you need.


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