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2739Re: [NH] Mozilla 1.0

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  • loro
    Jun 7, 2002
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      At 06:37 2002.06.08, Larry Hamilton wrote:
      >I downloaded Mozilla 1.0 the other day. So far it appears to work well. At
      >least all my pages display the way I intended.


      >If this is basically the same as NS 6.x, then I will not bother to download
      >it. I have heard so much bad about it, that I have held off downloading it.
      >I was going to download it at work over a fast connection and just burn it
      >to CD, but I did not see how to download the whole thing. There must be a
      >buried link I do not have the patience to find. Has anyone compared how the
      >two Mozilla 1/NS 6 compare in how they display?

      Not personally, but since Netscape 6.2 is based on a much older Moz there
      are of course differences, the latest Moz always being the better one
      rendering wise with more bugs fixed. They are up to Netscape 7 Pre Release
      now btw.

      I agree with you, Moz is nice. Really nice. I love the text zoom. All
      others have too big steps between sizes. Not to mention the "Style Sheet
      Switcher" and the best CSS support of them all.

      I'm a little confused, which download can't you locate?

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