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2732Re: [NH] Special Characters: Sanskrit! and other wishes.

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  • Ian Rastall
    Jun 6, 2002
      On Thu, 6 Jun 2002 12:30:16 -0400, you wrote:

      >The advantages of using javascript for boilerplate insertion are:
      >1. that it works if you don't have ssi/php/asp/etc as a alternative
      >2. you can preview it on your own machine (vs the others which need to be
      >parsed on the server)
      >The disadvantage are:
      >1. that if javascript is disabled (which it generally isn't -- but with
      >pop-up's some disable it) you don't get the boilerplate
      >2. its a programming language thing that might be more confusing than a
      >simple include

      I agree about the disadvantage. The thing about anything server-side,
      is that you know up front if you can use it. For instance, if your
      server allows PHP, then you know you can use PHP, and all your users
      will be able to see it. Same with SSI. As long as SSI is allowed on
      your server, it will always work for every user. Not everyone uses JS
      (although it's not as much of an issue as it used to be).

      I don't think it's a JS vs. SSI thing, I think it's a client-side vs.
      server-side thing, and I would tend more towards server-side (if I
      knew any bloody server-side languages.) :)

      That's just my Buzzian theory. (Buzz Ruppelt)

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