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2731Re: [NH] CSS

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  • hpaulissen
    Jun 6, 2002
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      Hi Christine,

      As Don, I couldn't locate the problem that you describe, but if you
      want to get rid of the lines on top of and beneath the small lotus
      I'd suggest you remove the <HR> parts.

      If I want to show the borders of an element I use (in my css-file)

      elementname { border: 1px solid black}


      > > So...
      > >
      > > Last night I couldn't get the darned grid lines to show in a
      > > (Still can't.)
      > >
      > > Today, despite the fact my .css file has NOTHING IN IT discussing
      > > and I put BORDER="0" in <TABLE> ( just to overcompensate), AND
      my SSI
      > txt
      > > file has no borders in it, either, one stupid, little cell is
      showing up
      > > with top and bottom borders.
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