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2716Re: [NH] Special Characters: Sanskrit! and other wishes.

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  • stephen riddle
    Jun 4, 2002
      Hi Christine,
      There are ways and ways and ways. . .
      One way: use server side includes. This is very good if your webHost supports
      it. (I am not an expert but ther are lots of them on the list.) What this
      would do is to include other documents into the html page.
      Another way is to use the iframe html element which works for Netscape 5+ and
      IE 5+ and Opera 5+, Netscape 4 (with lots of users) would use its proprietary
      layer (or ilayer) element.
      Modern browsers (with varying degrees of success) also can use another
      document for the source of a div, or use another document for the source of
      an object element.
      I have ended up using a externalJavascript file and the document.write
      statement to insert easily editable stuff into a wide variety of pages. This
      works well for a lot of short discrete statements, but would not be any fun
      at all for large blocks of text. (eMail me private if you'd like to look at
      the site I use this for, and specifics on how I do it.)
      Good luck,
      > Now.... any one know how to create oh, say, a block of information in one
      > file, like the credits links or stuff like that. Then to simply add a code
      > reference into the 100s of other pages so I don't have to reenter it on all
      > of them? I could update that one block of text and it would automatically
      > show on the subsequent pages? Am I dreaming?
      > Thanks!
      > Christine
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