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2710RE: [NH] Special Characters: Sanskrit!

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  • Albert (athiel)
    Jun 1, 2002

      I suspect that the reason is that you are using the Western collation in
      the browser so that regular English text comes out normally but that
      does not let the Sanskrit or Pali characters appear the way they should.

      You could try using CSS and create Divisions or Spans in which you use
      the Sanskrit and define that Span or Div as using whatever the ISO
      number is for the font you are using and set the Div and or spans for
      the English to ISO Western European. I am not sure that it will work but
      with CSS so much can be done that it is worth a try I think.

      Good books on CSS can be found at Barnes or Borders, or some other large
      store. I use Core CSS2.

      The alternative is to make your characters gifs or bmp's or images and
      then just place them on the page as img's



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      I'm stumped.
      I've installed every Unicode set I can find. I've installed every font
      that supposedly handles Sanskrit letters I can find (27 at last count).
      No matter how I set up the Unicode numbers they don't work. I have had
      some luck where the Unicode didn't give me the letter it said it was,
      but it did give me something else I needed!

      Most of them default to an ASCII number (Alt+xxxx) or are just squares.
      Some of them offer me ASCII numbers that although I'm looking at a D
      with an underdot, the ASCII code it offers (and the description at the
      bottom) is that of another character.

      Kill me -- or any thoughts first?


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