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2619+/- does not show up...

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  • hpaulissen
    May 2, 2002
      Below a mail to the next-releaselist about the +/- sign not being
      rendered in IE and in the chm-files. Am I the only one with this

      Jody, Eric,

      Very weird... There must be something wrong with my (browser?-)setup.
      I'm using IE 5.5 SP2 on W98 SE. I just cannot get the plus and minus
      signs +/- on my screen.

      If I open clipcode.chm (any version) | Clip Language - Select, Copy,
      and Insert Text and copy the text on ^!Jump I get this...

      ^!Jump nnn
      ^!Jump nnn
      Moves cursor to the indicated position. (Etc.)

      Since you apparently can see the +/- string, I did a view source of
      that page (right click on the page itself) to check. Actually the
      string is in the html-itself. When I load that page in IE 5.5 I get
      the same result as in my chm-file (no +/-); in Mozilla it is rendered
      correctly. I do not know what is happening...