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2592Re: Select Matching TAGS - clip

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  • john041650
    Apr 4 5:40 AM
      Wayne, thanks for the clarification, that solved the problem. Hugo I have noticed one other possible bug in your clip, but haven't had time to research it further yet.. When I try to select tables nested more than 3 deep, it doesn't return the correct results. 3 deep or less seems to work fine..

      Normally I would research this further before responding but I will be out of town the rest of the day, and possibly tomorrow so I thought I'd pass this along in case you want to verify it.

      I have a great interest in this clip from the standpoint of being able to correctly select nested tables. One of the potential problems I have to be very aware of when working on html pages, are nested table errors. Even the CSE html Validator misses a lot of them. So for quite awhile I have been pondering how to write a clip that checks nested tables for proper structure. Hugo your clip looks like the first part of that quest for me, thanks..

      John :)

      --- In ntb-html@y..., "hpaulissen" <h.paulissen@f...> wrote:
      > John, Wayne,
      > Thank you for your comments. I've now added the not-so-optional
      > Lowercase-parameter (thank you Wayne) to the GetHtmlTagName-function
      > and made two other minor adjustments - in some cases the previous
      > clip got stuck in an endless loop. Removed the comments in this
      > version as well.
      > Hugo
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