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254[NH] Re: htmlib 4.0

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  • Jody
    Dec 16, 1999
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      Hi Kay,

      > Apparently, NoteTab looks for any shortcut in the NoteTab dir
      > that contains 'HTMLib' as part of the name. It will grab the
      > first one it finds & doesn't care where it points. Basically,
      > you can use a shortcut to anything as long as you get the name
      > right & remember that the HTMLib menu item points to something
      > other than HTMLib :)

      Obviously one cannot fit both versions in Ctrl+Fll. <g> This is
      from one of my posts from a year or two ago. (You can also fake
      NoteTab out and use a different color picker also as I mentioned
      at the begining of this thread - I prefer BK Colour Coder.)

      How to setup HTMLib.

      From Eric's help:

      (* to create the shortcut: 1. open Explorer and select the HTMLib
      file; 2. press Ctrl+C to copy it to the Clipboard; 3. select the
      NoteTab directory and choose the command "paste Shortcut" from
      the Edit menu. The menu command will be displayed in NoteTab
      after you restart it.)

      The name of the shortcuts in the NoteTab folder are:

      For Version 3 HTMLib

      For Version 4 HTMLib

      That is the last window before selecting OK in the shortcut
      dialog and is also the name of the file that the shortcut must
      point to. (Your paths of course.)

      For Version 3 HTMLib
      Target: C:\NTB450\HTMLib\Htmlib95.hlp
      Start in: C:\NTB450\HTMLib

      For Version 4 HTMLib
      Target: C:\Program Files\HTMLib.exe
      Start In: C:\Program Files\HTMLib

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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