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252[NH] Re: htmlib 4.0

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  • Kay Roath
    Dec 16, 1999
      12/16/1999 12:56 AM Pierre Johnson wrote

      > Refering to the ongoing discussion on HTML Lib versions 3 and
      > 4. I just installed HTML Lib 4.0 in the Note Tab directory. Up to now
      > I had HTML Lib 3.0. The installation of version 4 didn't erase version
      > 3, as the files are different: v 3 uses a .hlp file, and v 4 a .exe file.
      > This explains that in Note Tab, you can only see version 3 in the
      > help menu. Or has someone found a way to launch version 4
      > through this menu ?

      Installed 4 today & put a shortcut in my NoteTab dir pointing to
      HTMLib.exe - works fine.

      Apparently, NoteTab looks for any shortcut in the NoteTab dir that
      contains 'HTMLib' as part of the name. It will grab the first
      one it finds & doesn't care where it points. Basically, you can
      use a shortcut to anything as long as you get the name right &
      remember that the HTMLib menu item points to something other than
      HTMLib :)

      --- Grandma Kay ---
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