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2491Re: [NH] second window puzzler

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  • john041650
    Mar 7, 2002
      Hi Paul and Don,

      I use the second window pane option all the time.. It works great when I'm answering a letter (I use NoteTab as my word processor and store all my incoming correspondence in an outline file).. The letter I'm responding to is on one side, while my reply to it is on the other..

      There's really no deep secret to using it, the trick is setting the correct file to be the "Second Window" file. In your situation Paul, set your CSS file to be the Second window file, it should show up in the right pane and all other files you open should stay in the left..

      The one thing I wish the second window option would do, would be to support drag and drop operations from one window to the other...

      John :)

      --- In ntb-html@y..., "Don Passenger" <dpasseng@i...> wrote:
      > Good question. I have never understood the focus with two windows showing.
      > Hold down shift/control/w with three or more documents open. They
      > essentially scroll though themselves? I think I need a flow chart to
      > understand.
      > > here's my problem: i have my css doc in the left pane and my html doc in
      > the
      > > right. when i want to bring up a different html doc in the right pane, the
      > > darned thing keeps coming up in the left pane, replacing the css doc. this
      > > obviously defeats the benefit of a second window, as i want to keep the
      > > css doc in view while working on the various html docs it controls.
      > >
      > > no matter how hard i try to shift the focus to the right hand pane, the
      > > other html docs i want to work on keep coming up in the left hand pane!
      > :-(
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