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2490Re: [NH] second window puzzler

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  • Don Passenger
    Mar 7, 2002
      Good question. I have never understood the focus with two windows showing.
      Hold down shift/control/w with three or more documents open. They
      essentially scroll though themselves? I think I need a flow chart to

      > here's my problem: i have my css doc in the left pane and my html doc in
      > right. when i want to bring up a different html doc in the right pane, the
      > darned thing keeps coming up in the left pane, replacing the css doc. this
      > obviously defeats the benefit of a second window, as i want to keep the
      > css doc in view while working on the various html docs it controls.
      > no matter how hard i try to shift the focus to the right hand pane, the
      > other html docs i want to work on keep coming up in the left hand pane!
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