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2487RE: [NH] Learn How To Make $5000 A WEEK (I Hate being spammed on a list-serv)

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  • Jim Beidle
    Mar 6 12:29 PM
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      Hi Jody,

      Thanks for taking care of the SPAM. Not just in this case, but on the
      continuing basis you pursued over the nearly three years I've been a member.
      You;ve been consitent at weeding it out before makes the list. My regret is
      less that I flamed him than in perhaps making you feel under-appreciated. Be
      assured that is not the case. I fully appreciate and support the job you're
      doing. I invite other list members to express, publicly or privately, their
      appreciation for the difficult and often under-valued volunteer job of List

      Possibly because you've worked so hard and done so well in keeping spam off
      the list, it made this guy's ad that much more noticable. Thanks you for all
      of your hard work in protecting us from bozos and their stupid scams. I
      promise I won't rant anymore :-)

      Good job!


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      Subject: RE: [NH] Learn How To Make $5000 A WEEK (I Hate being spammed
      on a list-serv)

      Hi Jim,

      That was an error on my part. I do some things to help prevent
      SPAM for all of you that get so upset over a few SPAMS a year on
      the different lists. It is actually a whole lot of extra work
      for me and also makes it hard for new members to get messages
      posted without delay. The best thing to do if and when you see
      SPAM hit the list(s), just ignore it and I will take the
      appropriate measures.

      >Go away. Now. This is NOT what this list is for. Moderater, make
      >the bad man go away,PLEASE? I get enough spam through regular
      >channels without getting it on a list-serve that I need.

      Happy HTML'n!


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