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2385Spell-Checker (was Re: [NH] line nos)

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  • john041650
    Feb 8, 2002
      >still haven't got it to quite agree with how tidy allocates lines,
      but I can live with that for now.
      > Cheers
      > Neil

      Hi Neil,

      Back in December I posted a clip in the ntp-clips list (not this HTML
      one) which I wrote to match the line numbers in the active HTML
      document in NoteTab, with HTML tidy's error results line numbers..
      It turns the word wrap option off and the line numbers on in NTP (and
      vice versa).. It was msg 7982 if you're interested.

      Since then I've moved up to the CSE HTML Validator which, amongst
      many other things, finds and highlights the errors..

      John :)
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