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2332Re: [NH] Image--Where did it go?

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  • Jody
    Jan 7, 2002
      Hi Jim, Jim, & Lotta,

      >It works! With your suggestion--Modify>Document to Html--
      >I tried "No character conversion" and I was able to see the
      >Golden Gate image.
      >Jim, I tried to saveas, followed by an F8, with no success.

      The file only needs to be renamed to the HTML type extension, but
      does not have to be saved in order to view it in a browser. I
      will agree that I find it easier to save first though if I will
      be doing a lot of work on it or know that it will eventually be a
      "permanent" document.

      Sometime you do want to display the actual tag in the browser for
      like a tutorial or to show an eMail address with the arrows. In
      those cases you do want the characters converted so that the tag
      or <eMail@...> will be displayed (having it active with the

      Happy HTML'n!


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