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2316Re: [NH] Still can't open NTB files..

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  • Jody
    Jan 5, 2002
      Hi MCMAIER,

      The easiest way to eliminate NoteTab (your copy) of being the
      problem is install a new copy to a different location and see
      what happens. If that works, you might check Options under the
      Internet tab in your current installation to see how you have the
      main and other browsers configured. If you do not have IE in the
      Main Browser filed, try doing so. you might try a new ini file
      also for your current copy.

      If you want to create a new ini file, close NoteTab and rename
      NotePro.ini found in its main folder (NoteTab.ini for Std/Light).
      Start up NoteTab and it will use its default settings actually
      creating the ini file when you shut down NoteTab. Start up
      NoteTab and it will use its default settings making a new INI
      file on shutdown. If the new one does not help, you can close
      NoteTab, delete the new, and rename the old back to what it was.

      Perhaps you have a registry problem and need to reinstall IE if
      you have not done so yet.

      Also, see what happens with your other browsers if you have any

      >I can open the NTB program, the file tabs are right in front of
      >me, but clicking on the browser button still brings up the ERROR:
      >"C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\" not found., and the files cannot
      >be opened in the browser. The NTB program IS there.
      >I am able to see web pages on the net, so the IE browser (IE 5.5)
      >is functioning. So, how do I check to see if the problem not an
      >IE issue, but something that needs to be fixed in settings
      >somewhere in NTB?
      >I ran an IE "repair" and rebooted. I still cannot open the files
      >from the browser button in NTB.

      Happy HTML'n!


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