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2307Help. Can't open NTB..............

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    Jan 4, 2002
      Thinking I might upgrade to NTB 4.86c, I went through all the tabs and menu items and recorded what I have now. I only changed 1 thing--took off the splash page. I checked out NTB site to see what was new. The 3 sites for downloading did not specify where they were, so I clicked on the first one hopefully looking for its location. Up came the download dialogue box, and not being ready for that, I cancelled.

      Don't know what happened, but now my ntb files open fine (sans splash page), all the files I'm working on are right in my face and I can click from one to the other. However, clicking on the browser button to any of them brings up an "ERROR: File "C:|Program FIles\Note Tab Pro\" not found.

      Well, the program is nicely right there. I just can't open it. There's an IE "repair" something that I used sometime ago, and I don't remember where I activated it. Hope you can and offer suggestions to get my files open again. Many thanks.........................MM

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