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2218Re: [NH] keyboard macros

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  • Jody
    Dec 6, 2001
      Hi Ron,

      Your description of a keyboard macro with reordering capabilities
      is a good one, but cannot be done presently. (Eric gave a
      favorable remark some time ago about it for v5 though. Keep the
      fingers crossed.) We can only build Clips with keyboard strokes
      as written text presently. They can be accessed like Don
      mentioned and will work (ESC) even with the Clipbook *hidden*,
      not closed altogether.

      In v5 we will also have customizable keyboard shortcuts so we
      will be able to predefine certain strokes to our Clips. I'm not
      sure about the standard keystroke set, but I think so.

      >My old program had a key sequence that "turned on" keystroke
      >capture. I performed the sequence and the same key sequence
      >turned it off. I edited the resulting file to put in logic and
      >other functions. To access that macro, all I did was perform the
      >key sequence that macro was stored under. i.e. alt+d will store
      >the existing page, clear the screen, and get the next file to be
      >worked on.
      >I use this structure as a quick and dirty way to duplicate
      >keystrokes across thousands of files. It is quick to define and
      >implement, provides full functionality and logic and doesn't
      >require my taking my hands off of the keyboard to implement. A
      >combination keystroke is much faster than taking my hands off the
      >keyboard to click on a library element.
      >This is what I define as a keyboard macro. Is this available in

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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