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2208Re: [NH] keyboard macros

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  • Ron Woodall
    Dec 5, 2001
      Hi Jody:

      Thanks for the reply.

      At 12:43 PM 12/5/01 -0600, you wrote:

      >It really depends on what you are calling macros. NoteTab uses
      >the term for the keyboard command such as the following would be
      >a macro for entering some text into a new document that is made.
      >^!Keyboard Alt+N #Write in new document#

      Yup that's a keyboard macro. But, any attempts at getting it to
      work, don't.

      >If you are speaking of Clips in general, the read Clip Basics and
      >Clip Language - Introduction in Help. The are some short
      >information in my Clip Class that goes over making a Library
      >(which you should learn first, making a new Clip, and editing a
      >Clip. Without you posting some of what you have already we can
      >only give you help in a general way.
      >You can download my Clip Class from the following link and it
      >will walk you through, Getting Started (which is a web page with
      >a number of images displaying different parts of NoteTab that
      >deals with Clipbooks), making a Library, adding Clips, and
      >editing Clips, on to more difficult Clips. Be sure to read the
      >Introduction also. Open ClipClass.clb and then click on the
      >ClipClass Outline Clip to open the Outline.

      Done that, nothing on keyboard macros. I've sort-of figured out
      clip libraries and use it extensively. I'll refine my knowledge over time
      but I'm in the "quick and dirty" mode at the moment.

      >All the contents of the zip files go in NoteTab's Libraries folder.

      Done that.

      Thanks for the help. Going to Clip list now.

      Ron Woodall

      Ron Woodall

      The Compendium of HTML Elements
      "your essential web publishing resource"

      - available at/disponible à:
      http://au.htmlcompendium.org/index.htm (Australia)
      http://www.htmlcompendium.org/index.htm (Europe and North America)
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