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219[NH] Re: members' only area

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  • Mark Pulver
    Nov 16, 1999
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      Larry Thomas (09:05 PM 11/15/1999) wrote:

      >This does have one problem. I have found on occassion when I am surfing a
      >web site that i can click on my URL box in Netscape and start deleting
      >sections of the name back to sucessive slashes. Then press enter. Then I
      >get a directory listing for the server site which will list like an
      >explorer directory. When this happens, I can go to any html page listed in
      >that on line folder including wanttoknow.com/secrets.html. This is not
      >true of all sites but it does happen and you should check out your server
      >before doing this.

      This depends on the server configuration...

      If this happens on your hosting service, then it's a huge security hole.
      You should bring it up to your site admin or tech support folks and have
      them configure the server to not allow directory browsing.


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