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  • Jody
    Nov 6, 2001
      Hi Ron,

      While Eric is looking into your INI file, you might try the
      following and also make sure you have a fairly recent version of
      NoteTab. This is for a single monitor, but I think if you play
      with it, you might get it to work like you want.

      1. Resize and adjust the program window where you want it.
      2. Click on the program icon located on Titlebar (upper left).
      3. Uncheck "Open Centered" if checked.
      4. Click on the program icon again.
      5. Click on "Save Window State" (which does not get a check mark).
      6. Restart NoteTab at this time.

      Tip: You can right click on the Titlebar for the same menu as above
      or press the Alt key and then the spacebar while holding Alt down
      (Alt+Spacebar). Simply pressing Alt alone will collapse the menu
      once opened or clicking in a "non-clickable" area of your screen.

      >I'm working on a triple-head system (3 monitors) and I'm having a
      >problem with NoteTab. Typically, I set NoteTab on the middle of
      >the three monitors. When I start NoteTab it always starts on the
      >left monitor when I want it to start on the middle one. I always
      >have to move it over.

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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