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2167Re: [NH] change 2 of 3 frames

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  • Ron Woodall
    Nov 6, 2001
      Hi Lotta/Al:

      At 11:03 AM 11/6/01 +0100, you wrote:
      >Hi Al,
      >(Don, your link didn't work)
      > >I may be wrong, I'm still learning this html thing, but the page you refer
      > >to seems to be about changing the frames, not the content of the frames. I
      > >want to change the files displayed in 2 different frames with one click on
      > >a link in a 3rd frame. I don't know if this is possible with html, I've
      > >since found a way of doing it with javascript but would prefer to not use
      > >javascript if possible.
      >You can't open two pages with the same link using only HTML, fames or no

      Hmmm, I might be misreading this but I _do_ open two/multiple
      pages just using HTML. I do it using nested frames. However, it is possible
      to do it with SSI as well without having to resort to JavaScript.

      >Since you use frames you have two options here. Either let the link load a
      >new frameset with the pages you want specified or use JavaScript.

      Yup, now you got it. However, don't forget SSI. If you have it
      available on your server it is a very real option.

      >The method with a new frameset isn't stupid as it may first seem. You keep
      >the advantages of frames and avoid of at least some of the disadvantages.
      >If you don't want to do that you have to use JavaScript.

      Your logic is correct but your prose is suspect. I'm reviewing my
      pages to see if I can clarify the issue. Thanks to you all for this discussion.

      Ron Woodall

      Ron Woodall

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