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2035RE: [NH] txt2html

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  • Greg Chapman
    Sep 18, 2001
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      Hi Jorma,

      > > Surely no one is crazy enough to do what you suggest and use half
      > > belt and half a pair of braces?
      > I have seen this on several commercial pages, on personal pages it's
      > quite common.

      You're right, of course! My question was somewhat rhetorical!

      > Another caveat with CSS-only approach is
      > that even if
      > you set both bgcolor and text color in <BODY> tag, using background
      > pictures in your tables can render the text unreadable.

      Good point. I would always avoid background pictures as results are
      entirely erratic across different browsers! Navigator, I understand.
      restarts a picture from the top left in every cell. Internet Explorer
      normally will flow the picture across all the cells of the table.

      > But at least I don't tell people they need Frame-capable browser if
      > they have JavaScript turned off.

      I came across one of my pages in a search engine the other day. One
      which quotes the first few lines from the page it has indexed. It
      made me realise that the advice usually given to include instructions
      for those who don't have frame aware browsers isn't especially helpful
      in this case. All that someone would discover about my index page,
      apart from its title, is that the site is designed for frame aware

      > I'm not saying that CSS is bad thing, it just doesn't solve all
      > problems automatically.

      You're right, of course. CSS just replaces one set of problems with
      another. However, in general, I do believe that it is good practice
      to separate the message of the web page from the display instructions.
      CSS does this and has other advantages for site-wide changes to site

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