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1995Re[2]: [NH] html2txt

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  • andrew
    Aug 23, 2001
      Hello Jody,

      Thanks for your reply. (I guess I'd have to say I'm reasonably expert in
      html :) although there's always more to learn..

      by clicking:-
      view - Clip Bar - Utilities shows a menu which has several buttons

      there are three which use a globe as their button
      html to text
      text to html
      outline to html

      these looked interesting and i played with the first but couldn't seem
      to get it to work. I was expecting it to take a web page with all it's
      code, strip out the code and leave the readable text as text with
      headings in text format. Perhaps I've misunderstood what was intended with these
      buttons but they looked pretty straight forward.

      any ideas?

      Thursday, August 23, 2001, 6:31:02 PM, you wrote:

      J> Hi Andrew,

      >>I've just started with ntp and have a pretty much vanilla install, i
      >>set ntp to show the clip bar and then tried to use the default
      >>html-text command as a test on a .htm file but it didn't work so
      >>renamed to .html and still no joy.

      J> I do not know where you are finding html-text at, but I cannot
      J> find anything on the HTML-1/2 Clipbars that convert text to HTML
      J> which I assume you are trying to do. You can do a quick
      J> conversion by loading a text file in NoteTab and click on Click
      J> on Modify | Document to HTML | No Character Conversion. See View
      J> | Options | Toolbar/Shortcut to add the conversion tools on the
      J> Toolbar and/or Shortcut menu.

      Best regards,
      andrew mailto:ukandrewf@...
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