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1994Re: [NH] html2txt

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  • Jody
    Aug 23, 2001
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      Hi Andrew,

      >I've just started with ntp and have a pretty much vanilla install, i
      >set ntp to show the clip bar and then tried to use the default
      >html-text command as a test on a .htm file but it didn't work so
      >renamed to .html and still no joy.

      I do not know where you are finding html-text at, but I cannot
      find anything on the HTML-1/2 Clipbars that convert text to HTML
      which I assume you are trying to do. You can do a quick
      conversion by loading a text file in NoteTab and click on Click
      on Modify | Document to HTML | No Character Conversion. See View
      | Options | Toolbar/Shortcut to add the conversion tools on the
      Toolbar and/or Shortcut menu.

      If you are just beginning HTML try the link below.

      Basic HTML, a short guide on how to use NoteTab to create a web page:

      Read "Create Web Pages" from NoteTab's Help.

      Joe Barta's Pagetutor, a good tutorial for getting started and beyond:

      Working with Outlines and HTML
      Open a text document or Outline:

      Click on Help | NoteTab's Glossary
      Click on Modify | Document to HTML | No Character Conversion.
      Click on View in Browser. ;)


      In Help, please read the following:
      Create Web Pages
      Clip Basics
      Clip Language - Introduction
      Clip Language - HTML Processing
      Clip Language - Clip Wizard and Fields

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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