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1939Re: [NH] RE: Dot Fill (at least my take on it)

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  • Yehuda Katz
    Jul 18, 2001
      Very nice.
      You made MANUALLY your "dots", which is, IMO, the best solution here.

      Yehuda, Israel

      >From: Dennis Ralph <dralph@...>

      >I have an address html file I keep. This is how I separate things. I
      >shortened the table to only three cells but I have an additional four more.
      >I separate each cell with a cell filled with the number of spaces and I
      >underline them (as per my example below. I adjust each second cell with the
      >number of spaces I desire to keep things separate and by underlining the
      >spaced cells I create a line that keeps everything joined. You have to play
      >with the cell spacing but this works for me. P.S. the info in each cell is
      >bogus and for demonstration purposes only.
      > <TR>
      > <TD align="right" width="50%">Blood Sweat & Tears</TD>
      > <TD align="centre" width="5%"><U>
      >      </U></TD>
      > <TD align="left" width="45%">606.123.4567</TD>
      > </TR>
      > <TR>
      > <TD align="right" width="50%">Bonn Jovi</TD>
      > <TD align="centre"
      >width="5%"><U>      </U></TD>
      > <TD align="left" width="45%">1.41.905.456.7890</TD>
      > </TR>
      > <TR>
      > <TD align="right" width="50%">Mel Gibson</TD>
      > <TD align="centre"
      >width="5%"><U>      </U></TD>
      > <TD align="left" width="45%">1.61.407.4787.748</TD>
      > </TR>
      > <TR>
      > <TD align="right" width="50%">President George Bush</TD>
      > <TD align="centre"
      >width="5%"><U>      </U></TD>
      > <TD align="left" width="45%"></TD>
      > </TR>
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