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1926RE: Web Link Software

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  • Andy Young
    Jul 17, 2001
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      Hi, Greg,
      I have an idea how useful clip might be developed using NoteTab's
      clip language to help adjusting and keeping track of web page links.
      I've going to take this question over to the clip users list. And
      see what can be developed. It's results would not be graphical of

      Greg Chapman <greg@...> wrote on Mon, 16 Jul

      > Obviously, I use NoteTab for creating my web sites. As
      > the sites expand and the web of links becomes more
      > complex I feel a need for some software that
      > graphically displays all my files and the links within
      > the site.

      Greg Chapman <greg@...> wrote on Tue, 17 Jul

      > However, I was looking for a package that allowed my to
      > see, at a glance, where the "star" pages were on my
      > site.
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