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1920Re: [NH] Web Link Software

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  • Jody
    Jul 16, 2001
      Hi Brendan and Greg,

      (We should bring this to the OT list, Clips, or private eMail. TIA)

      >I use TreePad http://www.treepad.com (Freebie). Results in a
      >windows explorer type display, with collapsible directories.
      >There might be a connecting clip but I am not up to speed with
      >clips (on the to-do list).

      My Outline Library has a Clip in it made by Grandma Kay "Outline-
      TreePad" that converts NoteTab's Outlines to TreePad format. Each
      beading in NoteTab's Outline is converted to make a heading
      (node?). So, I suppose it would give you a head start. I would
      add ^!SetScreenUpdate Off and before and outside the loops add
      ^!SetHintInfo [Whatever] w/o the brackets. Look on my Library
      page to download the Outline Libraries.


      I image that a Clip could be made that when it is clicked on it
      would get the focused heading in the Outline and add it under a
      main node making the multiple levels. I don't have one built, to
      see what code you add to do the subdirectories, so I can help
      make the Clip. If some body wants to send me the formatting of
      the file such as the code TreePad looks for, I can build the Clip.
      This is the ending of a node which would be something like </a>
      in HTML and the start of another follows it: <node>.

      <end node> 5P9i0s8y19Z
      Web Documents

      The extension of a TreePad file is .hjt

      Happy Clip'n!


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