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1919Re: [NH] Dot Fill

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  • Jody
    Jul 16 5:08 PM
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      Hi Ray,

      I would need a few rows to see exactly what needs to be done in a
      Clip, perhaps the table itself and just leave about 5-10 of the
      rows. Using the Clip code we have: ^$StrFill("Str";Amount)$ and
      the other code needed to align the columns up using a period in
      place of the spaces. You can make some phony addresses and names
      just by adding a few letters hear and there.

      > Does anyone know how to specify dot fill for cells in a table
      > in HTML?
      > I have a two column table. The left column contains user name
      > left-justified. The right column contains user code number
      > also left-justified. The table is borderless by design. The
      > left column is fairly wide to accommodate long names and it
      > would aid the eye if periods or hyphens or some other symbol
      > could be made to fill the cells in the left column. Is there
      > an attribute or other device in standard HTML to do this?

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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