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1888Re: [NH] Image Tags and Carriage Returns

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  • Lotta
    May 31, 2001
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      Hi Mike,

      >After trying to figure this out for a long, long time, I almost
      >accidentally discovered that inserting a carriage break before or
      >after an image tag will change the way that the image is displayed in
      >IE or NS.

      <space saving snip>

      >Can anyone explain this to me or provide me with some related tips?

      It isn't as peculiar as it may seem. The browser handles images much in the
      same way as it would text.

      (Picture this is a HTML document for awhile)

      blah blah

      displays with a blank space between the words and so will

      <IMG> <IMG>

      When it comes to tables it's again a matter of the browsers way to handle
      whitespace. Especially NS is tricky with this. To make sure you don't get a
      gap between the image and the table border write the code on one long line,
      at least for the <TD><IMG><TD> part. If you have a table with many cells
      with images in them it may be easiest to compress the code for the whole
      table to one line.

      BTW it's the same thing that causes those nasty blue dashes after links.

      <a href="">linktext </a>

      The browser sees the blank space as a part of the link text and obediently
      underlines it.

      Did it help? :)

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